Take action

These inspiring stories of people-power show that collective action works. They also provide great lessons for taking action and making the most impact possible in your own community.

The artist-activist network, Beautiful Trouble, has been analysing the theories, principles and tactics behind these successful stories of people power. It provides some great resources as well as trainings to bring those experiences into your own campaigning

Beautiful Trouble
This book, available in print or free online, lays out the tactics, principles and theories that drive creative activism that can enable you to learn from the successes and failures of people-powered revolutions.

Beautiful Rising provides a similar toolbox of resources based on creative resistance in the Global South.

Trainings are also on offer by the same grassroots organizers, artists and strategists who wrote Beautiful Trouble. They offer skilled trainings in strategic campaigning and creative tactics tailored to your community and accessible to activists of all backgrounds and economic levels.

Other useful resources

New Economy Organisers Network have a great toolkit looking at how to build inclusive, strategic, participatory movements that tackle the root causes of problems we face

MobilisationLab is another global network seeking to build learning and improve capacity of changemakers worldwide, with a particular focus on maximising movements capacity to use digital technology to achieve transformation.

PeoplesHub – a US network providing trainings and workshops  to build community power and make grassroots work more effective.

The International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC) provides resources, analysis as well as online trainings on civil resistance internationally to help movements be more effective.

The Transition Network provides resources and training to individuals and communities seeking to find just local solutions to global crises of poverty, inequality, climate crisis, and social alienation.