This digital history of 50 years of counter-power has been put together by Transnational Institute (TNI) as part of its flagship annual State of Power report. We put it together, because 2018’s seventh edition of the report is focused on counter-power and because 2018 marks 50 years since the revolutions of 1968.

Our goal with the history is to highlight some iconic moments of people-power with the hope they will inspire and educate activists and social movements involved in resisting injustice and constructing radical just alternatives.

We also hope the stories will encourage you to read our 2018 collection of insightful essays on counter-power written by leading activists, academics and journalists: http://www.tni.org/stateofpower2018

The stories were crowdsourced from a wide network and were chosen on the basis of their legacy, impact, uniqueness, tactics and links to TNI’s four decades of work working with social moments. TNI partnered with Beautiful Trouble to produce the case-studies and also benefited from the wonderful Global Non-Violent Action Database at Swarthmore college, the great archive at Libcom and Wikipedia.

The list invariably has blindspots and will exclude other critical counter-power moments. The case-studies too may miss out critical pieces of information. If you have suggestions or comments on existing case studies or proposals for new ones, please fill in our form.


Writer/Editor(s): Nick Buxton, Angela Burton
Web design: Evan Clayburg
Advisors that provided suggestions and feedback on stories: TNI staff, Fellows, David Sogge, Patrick Bond, Firoze Manji, Zarina Patel, Hakima Abbas, Fahima Hashim, Shareen Gokal, Zabnab Elsawi, Gisela Duetting, Tom Mertes, Holger Nehring, Deborah Eade, Tom Price, Walden Bello, Meena Jagganath, Jeff Conant, Juliette Beck, Deborah Burton, John Cavanagh